The Best Top Rated Trucks That You Should Consider In 2019

Pickup trucks according to the survey are the most bought types of trucks by a lot of people these days. The sales of the trucks are on the rise now and a lot of pickup buyers are in the market looking for the safest and most reliable trucks. If you are one of the pickup truck buyers, then you could be knowing how hard it is to find the one that looks great, moves steadily, and will keep you and your passengers safe. Because of the availability of many options of trucks in the market, you can be challenged to choose the best but with the following tips, it will be easy for you. Outlined below are the safest truck on the market in 2019.

Dodge ram 1500 crew cab is the first one to discuss and it is almost ideal when it comes to safety evaluations. If your concern is all about safety while on the road, know that with the crash test done on this vehicle proving to be good, it can be worthwhile to drive this type on road.

The other safe and secure type of pick is 2019 F-150 Super Crew. When the crash test was performed on them, they almost scored perfect results.

As the super crew is, ford f super cab is the same as super crew. If you are looking to be safe while on the road, this is yet another great option for you.

As far as safety is a factor to consider when buying a truck, Nissan Titan crew is similar to both fords analyzed above. It does well in crash tests and has much better headlights than even the Fords options.

Toyota Tundra double cab still has the ability to outperform a lot of the other trucks on the market even with the lack of its redesign. It has a top rated front crash prevention system as well as a good front overlap.

GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab performs well in crash tests with the exception of the front overlap. The good thing about it is that its headlights are better than many of the other trucks on this list.

The front and the roof protection of the Toyota Tundra Crewmax performs well in a crash test.

Another type of pick that is not only safe but cheap to buy is the Nissan frontier. It has good crash tests results and this is particularly true of the four-wheel-drive model. It has rearview holdup camera and voluntary rear packing cameras.

Of all the above-analyzed pickups, Chevrolet Colorado is the best. Particularly in the case of the crew cab model, the new model of Chevrolet Colorado has a high rating of safety as it received good ratings in all the crash tests that were done on it.

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